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Kristie6th October 2012 - 7:11 PM
I am searching for the children of Simon Demas Broussard & Alzire Broussard. Simon Demas & Alzire were married either on 11 May 1861 or 6 Jul 1863 (I've seen both dates). Records show that they had 1 child in 1866, and another in 1868.
I have seen another record that says that they had a son, Simon b. 20 Jan 1862.
I believe Simon Demas' parents were Simon Broussard (b.11 Dec 1804) & Marie Prince (b.15 Sep 1812). Simon Demas also had a sister, Amelie (b.20 Apr 1834).
Alzire Broussard's parents were Alexandre Broussard & Marcellite Broussard.
I would also appreciate any information on the issue of Simon Broussard & Carmellite Broussard. They were married 12 Sep 1865. According to one record they had a son, Simeon - b.15 Feb 1868 in Youngsville.
I have hit a BRICK WALL with the parents of Victor Broussard (b.May 1866) married to Helene Hebert on 10 Oct 1881. Victor was my gggrandfather.
I believe that perhaps these other couples (Simon Demas/Alzire or Simon/Carmellite) could be his parents since marriage dates correspond to Victor's birth date.

Joseph "Harvey" Brou20th December 2001 - 9:33 PM
I have information on the names you are looking for. Alexandre Isidore Rosiclaire Broussard was born on 20 Jan 1890 in St. Martin Parish and died 20 Jan 1890 in Loreauville, LA; his wife Marcellite Broussard was born on 24 Nov 1810 in St. Martin and died 30 Mar 1873 in Loreauville, La. They were my gggrandparents. Alzire Broussard was their daugher and was born 11 Mar 1841 in St. Martin and birth record in St. Martin Church V-8, No. 1758. Simon Damas Broussard was born 20 Nov 1830 according to St. Martin Chruch Records V-8, No. 101. His Parents were Simon Broussard born 11 Dec 1804, birth record V-6, No. 232 and Marie Prince b. 15 Sep 1812, birth record St. Martin V-6, No. 1476. Sister Amelie Broussard birth record St. Martin V-8, No. 652. Simon Broussard born 1 Sep 1838 in Lafayette birth record V-5, P-99 at 34 days old. His parents were Hillaire Edouard Broussard and Aspasie Anastasie Broussard. Simon's wife Carmelite Broussard was born 10 Jun 1846 in Lafayette birth record V-6, P-13. Her Parents were Hilaire Dosithe Broussard and Celeste Trahan. Simon and Carmelite's son Simon Simeon Broussard was born 15 Feb 1868 Youngsville V-1, P-59 and his wife Emetille Schexnayder was born 24 Aug 1872 in Abbeville birth record V-3, P-169. Her parents were Joseph and Marguerite Schexnayder. Victor "Fabre" Broussard was born 1 May 1864 and died 2 Mar 1944, birth records Youngsville V-1, P-23. On tombstone indicates died at 78 years. Indicates his parents were Francois Eugene Fabre and Sylantine Englantine Colomb. Victor was married to Helen Hebert who was born 1862-1864 in Abbeville and died 25 Aug 1919 in Abbeville. Indicates on tomb died at 56 years. Her parents were Lazare Hebert and Josephine Roussel. Please note that some of this imformation was obtained by Brent Broussard who is now deceased. He died in a plane crash just a few days after our Broussard Reunion in Lafayette a couple of years ago.

I am responsible for membership and genealogy for Famille Beausoleil, the Broussard Family organization. If you would like to join just let me know. Also if you have additional questions you can email me at Good luck.


Kristie20th December 2001 - 9:41 PM
Thanks so much for the information. I have, since my earlier posting, found out that Victor Broussard's parents were Eglantine Colomb and Lazare Broussard, and that Eglantine was married the Eugene Fabre when Victor was born. Victor found out about his biological father (Lazare Broussard) when he was 16 and changed his name from Fabre (on his birth certifictate) to Broussard. He soon after left home and married Helene Hebert. Apparently Eglantine also had another child, Padie, with Lazare Broussard, while married to Fabre.

Thanks again for your help.


Joseph "Harvey" Brou20th December 2001 - 9:45 PM
Bonjour again

Information I sent a while ago I should have indicated that the names were Joseph Schexnayder and Marguerite Gallet were the parents of Emetille Schexnayder who was born 24 Aug 1872.
See you later.
Harvey Broussard
Sabrina Broussard Abraham6th October 2012 - 7:11 PM
Simon and Alzire Broussard are my GGGranparents as well. I come from his son Simon>Justiline>Hilton Simon> me.
This information was very helpful to me as well. I want to fill in all the blanks!! However, I need those above Simon and Alzire you have that info? What I need is Alzire's gets confusing with all of the Broussards marrying Broussards!!! LOL
Sabrina Broussard Abraham6th October 2012 - 7:14 PM
I am looking for the ancestors of Alzire Broussard.
It gets fairly confusing with all of the Broussards marrying Broussards!
Sabrina Broussard Abraham20th February 2013 - 7:20 PM
I have a different upline than you for the husband of Alzire Broussard. His father was also a Simon Broussard (b. 1804) married to Marie Prince(b. 15 Sept 1812) 5 Jan 1829
This is also listed in the Broussard books by Conover.
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