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BMG, Sony Music, Columbia House

BMG, Sony Music, Columbia House Forum
i'm having problems

sarah26th January 2008 - 9:09 PM
i am trying to log into bmg to check my orders and i can't log in to it i have tryed everything does anyone no whats going on or can help me please let me no thanks

joy10th April 2007 - 8:18 PM
I can't help you because I'm having the exact same problem! I've disabled my pop-up blocker and don't have any other security installed...
No one has replied to my post asking for help but maybe someone beside me will reply to yours...

Barbara12th April 2007 - 11:34 AM
Wow!! having same problem, at first I thought my computer was all glitched up, but NO! I even called my ISP, to help.
What is really weird, is I received a letter from BMG, stating that they had sent me emails to my email addy and no such thing, my ISP and I, searched for their so-called emails to me and out of 500 some odd messages, Surprise, there were no emails from BMG ever, what's that about, also I've been trying to get onto their website and all I keep getting is a log in site, nothing else! I type in my member user name and password and it just stays there and doesn't go through, this has been going on for 4 days now. I tried to email them (customer service) and I get an email back stating Undeliverable. Sent them a letter, as by this time I'm completely irate. I just wanted to browse, I can't even do that, what is going on? Believe me this is definitely the end of BMG for me. My next issue will be with Consumer Affairs.

Suzy8th May 2007 - 2:06 PM
So glad to hear that I'm not the only with with log-in problems for BMG. I have been trying to log-on to their site for almost 2 weeks with the same problems as you stated. Also, I received the same letter as you stated you'd received (that they had tried to send me an email, but came back as undeliverable). However, I've had no problems getting emails from anyone else. I'm sick of dealing with BMG. If I can ever get in touch with anyone...I'm canceling my membership. I've mostly been satisfied as a member, but this is ridiculous. It's the end of my membership with them....if I can ever get in touch with them.
Suzy8th May 2007 - 2:20 PM
I just wanted to announce that I called the number for BMG Music Service (317-692-9200) that I found on the front page of this site. Was finally able to get through to a lady named Judy. I explained that I've tried numerous times over the last several weeks to access their website (tried every link on the log-in page....the one that continues to show up). Also told her about the letter I got saying that my email addy was incorrect. She advised that was the case. I informed her that I believed that was untruthful. Also, explained that I have found many other BMG members that were having unsatisfactory service with them as well. She continued to lay blame on me (wrong email addy, forgetting my user id & password, etc.). For that reason, I told her, I wanted to cancel my account effective immediately. Just wanted to let you all know I hope you have better luck with getting satisfaction than I did.
sarah8th May 2007 - 2:36 PM
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Jenn4th December 2007 - 1:31 PM
Barbara, what you described in your message is the exact thing that just happened to me. I have no debt with BMG - owe them nothing. The last week of November I got an email from BMG with the monthly selection, which I declined. So BMG can infact email me. But yesterday I got the same letter in the US postal mail that you did, telling me they attempted to email me several times and that their emails were being returned as undeliverable because my email address (which is a yahoo email address) is not valid. They informed me that they had to switch my BMG acct. to a a US Mail subscription, which I do NOT want. They informed me in the letter that I could sign on to BMG and go to "My Account" and have it changed back to an email account.

So before I did that I first had 20 friends and family email the yahoo email address that I use when dealing with BMG and ALL emails went through so my email is not rejecting anyone's email.

I then tried signing on to BMG and the user name and password will not log me in and I waited and, although the bottom of the window stated "waiting for reply from site", 45 minutes had passed and it would not connect to the BMG site. Usually you can go to and get to the main screen even if you are not a member and I noticed every link to BMG now takes me to the log-in screen, which does not work. This proves the problems lie with their system. Yet they do not seem to even know this.

Anyway I just finished calling them at 1-317-692-9200 and just got rid of the hassle by cancelling my account. They aren't worth the grief. If you or anyone else calls to cancel and you use the phone menu press 6 option to cancel make sure you return to the main menu and hit the # pound key to talk to a live rep to verify the account has actually been cancelled. In my case the 6 option did NOT cancel my account so I had the rep cancel it and asked her to mail me a letter of acknowledgement verifying my account cancellation.
Cameron18th December 2007 - 8:25 AM
Do you think maybe its because you're spelling something wrong? I say about 3 spelling errors in your post.

I've been having the same problem.
It's a royal pain in the ass!
DJ26th January 2008 - 9:09 PM
I got to this message board only because I was searching every possible way to get into BMG web site and get to a "Contact" screen to find their email address. But as other posters here have already stated, I could only get to the sign-in screen which wouldn't let me sign in. I got the same letter stating that my email address is no longer valid. This is't true. I have not even had any problems with BMG. In fact I've belonged to BMG for many years with no problem. When I did find a separate Home page for SonyBMG, there is no link for CONTACTS. I too do NOT want to receive regular postal mailings. I will try the phone number given, and if they don't want to admit there is problem, I too sill have to cancel.
Trina15th May 2008 - 4:11 PM
I was having issues also. I called 317-692-9200 and got a rep who handled everything pretty quickly. You will need your account #.
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